After years of mission work in another country, Crystal and her three children returned to the United States planning to stay with friends and family until they could find a place of their own. Determined to earn her teaching certification, Crystal found schoolwork very challenging while couch surfing and sharing other's homes.

The children were struggling with the unstable placements and it began to negatively impact their development and well being. Mom knew a change needed to occur sooner rather than later so they all moved into a local shelter that offered resources to assist in obtaining permanent housing. Finding a home proved beyond difficult as she had no current employment, her only income coming from college grants and loans, having no recent local rental history and listing the shelter as their current address on applications. Hope came in a promise from HUMI, if Crystal could find a place there would be help with a deposit. She decided to call an old landlord from before the mission trip, who happened to have an opening a few blocks away from the children's school and would work with her based on their previous relationship if she had money to put down as a deposit that day.

Crystal and the children have lived in the same home 3 years this December and are excelling in all areas. She finished her coursework, began student teaching and was offered a position with a district a few months later. The children continue to explore their many talents with the local ballet and theater companies, staring in the Nutcracker and several plays throughout the years. Crystal earned her teaching certificate with several endorsements and in 2018 will receive her Master's Degree.