Karen was 8 months pregnant with their third child, when her husband took the car and savings, leaving this stay-at-home mom with no way to pay the rent. She started taking the city bus to different community agencies and churches every day searching for assistance towards their housing crisis. After waiting in lines, she was repeatedly told that unless she had an eviction notice from her landlord there was no help available.

Although she had already gained employment with a cleaning company, Karen was concerned the landlord would add extra fines and fees and perhaps even evict her family if she requested the necessary proof in order to receive support. Relatives and friends contributed what they could afford, but she was still missing over half the amount and the deadline resulting in late fees was the next day. Frantic, the mom called the oldest child’s school counselor and in desperation she relayed the entire story. The school was able to help with a small portion but it was not enough to cover it, so they notified the homeless liaison and she contacted HUMI to request the remainder of the rent.

Karen suddenly went into labor 4 days later and was relieved to return HOME from the hospital with a beautiful healthy baby girl.